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Thoughts: Shuffling Around

Blurb: Much more magical than plain old putzing around                 I have to hold my hands up and say that I quit this one very early on because my brains hurt.  It wasn’t just that I saw anagrams and panicked (ok maybe a little bit), but I also (bizarrely) … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Sealed Room

Blurb: This conversation-based IF game is the equivalent to a short-short story in the non-IF world.       The sealed room is correct.  Try as I might, I cannot get this game to work.  A quick look through other blogs told me that installing the latest version of Gargoyle might fix it, and lo … Continue reading

Thoughts: Murphy’s Law

Blurb: Thing are looking up! After decades of scrimping and saving, you’ve finally pulled yourself out of debt. The only thing left standing between you and financial independence is one last mortgage payment. What could possibly go wrong?           Again, the start made me groan.  What could possibly go wrong.. JINX. I … Continue reading

Avery Johnson's Conga-rats (Deviant Art)

Conga-rats Parade

Congratulations to everyone who entered into the IF Comp for managing to produce something Especially the top 3 placing games: Andromeda Apocalypse (play it here) Eurydice  (play it here) Guilded Youth  (play it here) The competition has been something of an eye opener for me.  I´ve really enjoyed following the games, people’s thoughts about them, … Continue reading

Thoughts: Lunar Base 1

Blurb:  Two astronauts set out to settle America’s first lunar base in the year 2080. You are one of them.       I must admit, my heart sank a bit, with no idea why.  I mean, I am generally into the exploring and settling of new worlds. I think it’s because Lunar Base sounded.. … Continue reading

Thoughts: Living Will

Blurb: As an heir to the fortune of the Coltan-magnate ER Millhouse, you can expand your inheritance or become buried in medical and legal fees as you peruse his living will and discover the story behind the fortune he pillaged in the Congo. (Undum)           The blurb is interesting.  And this is … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Lift

Blurb: You wake up a room with no memory of who you are or what you’re doing there.  You need to survive, that’s all you know.           The blurb left me feeling a bit.. meh.   I should be intrigued, but I don’t think there is enough there to pull me … Continue reading

Thoughts: Last Minute

A desperate attempt at a story about a desperate attempt to enter into the 2012 IFCOMP at the last minute.           My first impressions were.. yeah yeah.. I totally bet this wasn’t really last minute.. and as I am the sort of person who _always_ leaves things til the last minute … Continue reading

Thoughts: A Killer Headache

Blurb: The apocalypse is over. The human race lost. You’re hungry. And you have a hell of a headache.         I must admit that this is one of the games that I most looked forward to trying, just from the blurb, the title and the awesome cover. Even with this: “Discretionary warning: This … Continue reading

Thoughts: Kicker

Blurb: Kicker is an interactive sports fiction in which you take on the often derided role of a place kicker in a game of American football. My first thoughts were kind of dismay.  One, because I generally come down on the side of Opposed to Sport, and secondly, because although I cannot help knowing a tiny … Continue reading