Thoughts: Kicker

Blurb: Kicker is an interactive sports fiction in which you take on the often derided role of a place kicker in a game of American football.

My first thoughts were kind of dismay.  One, because I generally come down on the side of Opposed to Sport, and secondly, because although I cannot help knowing a tiny bit about most sports.. I have no knowledge of American football.  Nor do I wish to have any knowledge of, what is known in my family as, “rugby for wusses”.

But the cover art was kind of cute.  So I thought, having nothing to lose except perhaps my time and temper, I´d give it a go anyway.

Two minutes in, and I seem to have pissed my coach off:

Your coach quickly calls a timeout because you just stood on the sidelines instead of kicking. He looks extraordinarily unimpressed. He suggests that perhaps this time you would do everyone a favour and run onto the field.

Oops.  This is why I don´t do sports.

I seem to spend most of this game making people angry (and I thought sports were supposed to relieve tension) or gazing into the crowd.

I like gazing into the crowd.  You get lots of little snippets like this, which I think are really cool.

You watch as a plastic bag floats like a jelly-fish above the crowd’s heads, swooping and dipping. You wonder if that was beautiful or not.

I also got bogged down in conversation with the punter? (seriously?? the punter????) who made me feel rather sad.

Um.  I don´t know if I like this as a game.  But I do like the writing style, and it’s rather fun to piss your team off.  And that’s not even why I was always picked last for a team.

Another point in its favour is that it did give me the vibe that a lot of stuff was going on, which one presumes it does at an American football game.



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