Thoughts: Living Will

Blurb: As an heir to the fortune of the Coltan-magnate ER Millhouse, you can expand your inheritance or become buried in medical and legal fees as you peruse his living will and discover the story behind the fortune he pillaged in the Congo. (Undum)






The blurb is interesting.  And this is one of the best looking games imo.

However I find the writing style so stodgy.. and yes, I guess that’s because it’s trying to be in keeping with a legal document.. but THERE IS A REASON I AM NOT A LAWYER.

I got confused.. my brain was just going blah blah blah.. and all these numbers kept changing the more I clicked through stuff.

I really loved the idea, and the looks of it all, but I can’t be bothered with reading something in such pretentious English.


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