Thoughts: Lunar Base 1

Blurb:  Two astronauts set out to settle America’s first lunar base in the year 2080. You are one of them.




I must admit, my heart sank a bit, with no idea why.  I mean, I am generally into the exploring and settling of new worlds.

I think it’s because Lunar Base sounded.. technical.. and while I am conversant with technology.. I pretend to be totally dumb so someone else will do it for me.. as I tend to find my mind wandering and myself yawning.

Anyway, the writing is solid if uninspiring.. due to some confusion I nearly killed the other astronaut.. oops

John stops you before you can kill him by opening the outer airlock door while he is not wearing a space suit, then shakes his head in disapproval.

However I then got stuck in a loop of not being able to go east without taking off my space suit, which I had already removed.

I am probably doing something dumb, but I wasn’t feeling invested enough to continue or cheat.

I feel like there is something here, but it needs to be made more.. exciting or grabby in the first few paras in order to make me want to play on.



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