Thoughts: Murphy’s Law

Blurb: Thing are looking up! After decades of scrimping and saving, you’ve finally pulled yourself out of debt. The only thing left standing between you and financial independence is one last mortgage payment. What could possibly go wrong?






Again, the start made me groan.  What could possibly go wrong.. JINX.

I died 5 times to papercuts, by not realising that instead of running to the kitchen and running my finger under the tap like a normal person would.. I should have instead headed for the bathroom where apparently the medical kit is stored.   Now personally, I keep the plasters in the kitchen.  There are knives and other sharp objects in there, and I am the most accident prone person on the planet.   But hey ho, I shouldn’t criticise someone’s game just because they keep stuff in the wrong place.

So, after using the hint system, I manage to bandage my finger _just_ before I pass out and die again.

I then saved a kid from being squashed by a car, yet was too afraid to walk past a cockroach.  Really??

I had to resort to the hints to get past it, because using the glass just didn’t work alone.

I am now in my car with dead batteries.

I’m getting more and more annoyed.

I am now stuck in my car with no way of getting out.   DOOOOM.

The sad thing is.. other than dying from a papercut.. (and the cockroaches in the kitchen) this could TOTALLY be me.

I am on the fence as to whether I enjoyed this or not.  I mean, I think it’s very well done.  The puzzles were cool, and it did flow nicely.

But at the same time, frustration and annoyance I have enough of in my day to day life, I don’t know if I want to relive them in a game too.



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