Thoughts: The Sealed Room

Blurb: This conversation-based IF game is the equivalent to a short-short story in the non-IF world.




The sealed room is correct.  Try as I might, I cannot get this game to work.  A quick look through other blogs told me that installing the latest version of Gargoyle might fix it, and lo and behold it does.  Thank you Dhakajack.

Ok, this game is kind of ok.. kind of lacking in substance.

It wasn’t just that it was very short.  I guess I feel like the interactive part wasn’t really there.  I never felt like I was a player, more of an observer.

What’s there is ok.  Not really inspiring, not really memorable.  I almost feel like it was right on the edge of being a good game, but there didn’t seem to be enough commitment to the idea to take it there.

I don’t mind that there was a lot of conversation.. but I could have done with more visual clues.

All in all, I’m left feeling a bit unsatisfied.

One thing I did like was that the cover art was visible in large size – this is something that (due to a technical error I presume) has largely (geddit) been missing from all the entries.


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