Thoughts: Signos

Blurb: The essence of the game is the essence of any human life: fulfill our purpose through our mistakes to finally find our truly selves and reach our destiny, the one destiny

Ok.  The blurb is immediately off-putting.  It’s dreadful.  I half expect some religious nut to press an enlightening text into my hands.  I’m actually kind of horrified.

However, when you actually open the IF, it looks.. more sane.  And worth a go.

And even though it has white writing on various coloured backgrounds, I don’t have the ergonomics fail feelings that I’ve had on other works with white writing on black backgrounds.

Instead I appreciate how it has been used as a device to aid the feeling of atmosphere in your surroundings.

Also, the use of images seems to lift it a little.

I did not like the use of sound.  I um.. am not sure if I generally don’t like sound in IF, or um.. if it was the sound of rushing water that made me want to head to the bathroom that I found off-putting.

It’s clear very early on that this is not the work of a native English speaker, but unlike some reviewers, this doesn’t bother me.

I did get very stuck early on, and had no clue what to do.  However, this time I was sufficiently intrigued to try again.  Sadly I got stuck in the same place, with no help or walkthroughs to push me in the right direction.

I guess it’s something I’d like to come back to if there was a little more help (I might be totally missing the obvious, in game and in walkthrough availability), because I feel like it’s trying, and some aspects of it I really liked.


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