I can´t really comment on Eurydice, because I am too heavily biased.. not just because the author is a dear friend, but also because he is my favorite writer. I am responsible for the “lovely artwork” 😛 When I was asked if I´d do a cover, I was flattered and delighted.. I´m not an artist … Continue reading

Reality check

One of the things that has bothered me about the IF community is how harsh it is on new people, and the games they have entered.. I guess all games generally.  The community as a whole does come over rather elitist at times, with their snobbiness about platforms, and their constant reference back to games … Continue reading

Nosing around.. I mean Exploring.. yes Exploring

  The aforementioned dear friend entered his game into the 2012 IF Comp.  Having never even heard of this, I went and had a look.   The main competition site is here –   I was frankly amazed at the number of entries.  I had no idea that writing IF was so.. popular.   I … Continue reading

You are in a blank WordPress document…

I´m new to Interactive Fiction. Well, that´s not strictly true, from the age of 8 I had all of the Choose your own adventure books, even the Steve Jackson ones with dice. But I´m reasonably new to the world of Interactive Fiction as it looks now. I got an introduction to this world, when a … Continue reading