Thoughts: The Lift

Blurb: You wake up a room with no memory of who you are or what you’re doing there.  You need to survive, that’s all you know.           The blurb left me feeling a bit.. meh.   I should be intrigued, but I don’t think there is enough there to pull me … Continue reading

Thoughts: A Killer Headache

Blurb: The apocalypse is over. The human race lost. You’re hungry. And you have a hell of a headache.         I must admit that this is one of the games that I most looked forward to trying, just from the blurb, the title and the awesome cover. Even with this: “Discretionary warning: This … Continue reading


I can´t really comment on Eurydice, because I am too heavily biased.. not just because the author is a dear friend, but also because he is my favorite writer. I am responsible for the “lovely artwork” 😛 When I was asked if I´d do a cover, I was flattered and delighted.. I´m not an artist … Continue reading