Thoughts: Kicker

Blurb: Kicker is an interactive sports fiction in which you take on the often derided role of a place kicker in a game of American football. My first thoughts were kind of dismay.  One, because I generally come down on the side of Opposed to Sport, and secondly, because although I cannot help knowing a tiny … Continue reading

Thoughts: J’dal

Blurb: (The Blurb is a lie)         This one opened with: Everyone’s staring at me, as usual – everyone else here is white. While this made me a tad uncomfortable, I have to say that it was a very strong opener. Sadly that was the only line that really grabbed me. I … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Island

Blurb: This is an attempt to write a spooky, gloomy piece of IF(or as we used to call them in the old steam driven days of computing, text adventures) My initial thoughts about this one were.. odd.  I was weirdly reassured by the fact the guy’s name is Old Andy, and by his simplistic writing style.  And when … Continue reading

Thoughts: Irvine Quik & the Search for the Fish of Traglea

Blurb: Science fiction adventure! Extinction looms for the fish, people, and entire planet of Traglea. Can one bumbling space cadet rescue enough alien fish before too late? Can he learn the secret of Traglean karate? Find out & help save the planet! Ok, first impressions, the blurb made me smile.  Hey I like fish.  Why wouldn’t … Continue reading

Thoughts: In a Manor of Speaking

Blurb: In a Manor of Speaking is a punny adventure set in the surreal world of Calembour. Journey through the bizarre Outlands, the bustling streets of Rudeville, and eventually find your way to the Manor itself as you save the land using the power of words!   First thoughts.. I totally read “punny adventure” as puny.. … Continue reading

Thoughts: Howling Dogs

Blurb: mysterious game…hyperlink powered, yes, but what ethos does it promote? a death ethos? my god…or uh, visions, gender, the hyphen between dream-notdream, fascination, feeling anything at all?             I am beginning to think that I am easily put off.   I don’t like white writing on black background.  I also … Continue reading

Thoughts: Guilded Youth

Blurb: You play Tony, a fourteen-year old thief who needs some help looting the legendary Oakville Manor. Luckily it’s the 1980s and finding fellow adventurers is just a modem squeal away… Pro tip: Before playing this one, turn your sound down unless you want to jump out of your seat due to the modem squeals.  Also … Continue reading

Thoughts: Fish Bowl

Blurb: You are a beachcomber living by the shore. Today, you wake to find an empty fish bowl in your home, and don’t remember how it got there. You try to piece your memory back together, but soon learn what the old maps meant: Here there be monsters. I liked the blurb.. and I enjoyed the … Continue reading


I can´t really comment on Eurydice, because I am too heavily biased.. not just because the author is a dear friend, but also because he is my favorite writer. I am responsible for the “lovely artwork” 😛 When I was asked if I´d do a cover, I was flattered and delighted.. I´m not an artist … Continue reading

Escape from Summerland

Thoughts: Escape from Summerland

Blurb: In the near future a drone war rages in the skies, but below in Summerland there is only one thought: who’s going to feed Jacquotte?   My first impression was that I didn´t like the writing style at all.  It felt a bit like a teenager had written it.  And not just because of the … Continue reading