Thoughts: Signos

Blurb: The essence of the game is the essence of any human life: fulfill our purpose through our mistakes to finally find our truly selves and reach our destiny, the one destiny Ok.  The blurb is immediately off-putting.  It’s dreadful.  I half expect some religious nut to press an enlightening text into my hands.  I’m actually … Continue reading

Thoughts: Kicker

Blurb: Kicker is an interactive sports fiction in which you take on the often derided role of a place kicker in a game of American football. My first thoughts were kind of dismay.  One, because I generally come down on the side of Opposed to Sport, and secondly, because although I cannot help knowing a tiny … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Island

Blurb: This is an attempt to write a spooky, gloomy piece of IF(or as we used to call them in the old steam driven days of computing, text adventures) My initial thoughts about this one were.. odd.  I was weirdly reassured by the fact the guy’s name is Old Andy, and by his simplistic writing style.  And when … Continue reading