Thoughts: Signos

Blurb: The essence of the game is the essence of any human life: fulfill our purpose through our mistakes to finally find our truly selves and reach our destiny, the one destiny Ok.  The blurb is immediately off-putting.  It’s dreadful.  I half expect some religious nut to press an enlightening text into my hands.  I’m actually … Continue reading

Thoughts: A Killer Headache

Blurb: The apocalypse is over. The human race lost. You’re hungry. And you have a hell of a headache.         I must admit that this is one of the games that I most looked forward to trying, just from the blurb, the title and the awesome cover. Even with this: “Discretionary warning: This … Continue reading

Thoughts: Fish Bowl

Blurb: You are a beachcomber living by the shore. Today, you wake to find an empty fish bowl in your home, and don’t remember how it got there. You try to piece your memory back together, but soon learn what the old maps meant: Here there be monsters. I liked the blurb.. and I enjoyed the … Continue reading


I can´t really comment on Eurydice, because I am too heavily biased.. not just because the author is a dear friend, but also because he is my favorite writer. I am responsible for the “lovely artwork” 😛 When I was asked if I´d do a cover, I was flattered and delighted.. I´m not an artist … Continue reading