Thoughts: Last Minute

A desperate attempt at a story about a desperate attempt to enter into the 2012 IFCOMP at the last minute.






My first impressions were.. yeah yeah.. I totally bet this wasn’t really last minute.. and as I am the sort of person who _always_ leaves things til the last minute because I need the adrenaline to motivate me to do _anything_ that is work not fun..   I thought I might enjoy this one.

Sadly when I opened it up it was white text on black.  This really bothers me.


“Well, I could finish it, but it’s not something I want to rush, much like my loving.”

Good man.


a chance to win that box of authentic Belgian chocolates!

My approval is undying.

Even when I miss the competition deadline due to severe vomiting.  I should never have eaten the burger.  McDonalds has the same effect on me, even when the burger isn´t 3 days old and packing some beetroot.

I replayed a couple more times.. and wanted to replay more and more.

This was good fun.

It´s short and made me giggle a few times.

I like the clicky links style of it.

It doesn’t feel put together at the last minute, but I love the grasping at straws feel of it.


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