Thoughts: Signos

Blurb: The essence of the game is the essence of any human life: fulfill our purpose through our mistakes to finally find our truly selves and reach our destiny, the one destiny Ok.  The blurb is immediately off-putting.  It’s dreadful.  I half expect some religious nut to press an enlightening text into my hands.  I’m actually … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Sealed Room

Blurb: This conversation-based IF game is the equivalent to a short-short story in the non-IF world.       The sealed room is correct.  Try as I might, I cannot get this game to work.  A quick look through other blogs told me that installing the latest version of Gargoyle might fix it, and lo … Continue reading

Thoughts: Murphy’s Law

Blurb: Thing are looking up! After decades of scrimping and saving, you’ve finally pulled yourself out of debt. The only thing left standing between you and financial independence is one last mortgage payment. What could possibly go wrong?           Again, the start made me groan.  What could possibly go wrong.. JINX. I … Continue reading

Thoughts: Lunar Base 1

Blurb:  Two astronauts set out to settle America’s first lunar base in the year 2080. You are one of them.       I must admit, my heart sank a bit, with no idea why.  I mean, I am generally into the exploring and settling of new worlds. I think it’s because Lunar Base sounded.. … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Lift

Blurb: You wake up a room with no memory of who you are or what you’re doing there.  You need to survive, that’s all you know.           The blurb left me feeling a bit.. meh.   I should be intrigued, but I don’t think there is enough there to pull me … Continue reading

Thoughts: Last Minute

A desperate attempt at a story about a desperate attempt to enter into the 2012 IFCOMP at the last minute.           My first impressions were.. yeah yeah.. I totally bet this wasn’t really last minute.. and as I am the sort of person who _always_ leaves things til the last minute … Continue reading

Thoughts: A Killer Headache

Blurb: The apocalypse is over. The human race lost. You’re hungry. And you have a hell of a headache.         I must admit that this is one of the games that I most looked forward to trying, just from the blurb, the title and the awesome cover. Even with this: “Discretionary warning: This … Continue reading

Thoughts: J’dal

Blurb: (The Blurb is a lie)         This one opened with: Everyone’s staring at me, as usual – everyone else here is white. While this made me a tad uncomfortable, I have to say that it was a very strong opener. Sadly that was the only line that really grabbed me. I … Continue reading

Thoughts: The Island

Blurb: This is an attempt to write a spooky, gloomy piece of IF(or as we used to call them in the old steam driven days of computing, text adventures) My initial thoughts about this one were.. odd.  I was weirdly reassured by the fact the guy’s name is Old Andy, and by his simplistic writing style.  And when … Continue reading

Thoughts: In a Manor of Speaking

Blurb: In a Manor of Speaking is a punny adventure set in the surreal world of Calembour. Journey through the bizarre Outlands, the bustling streets of Rudeville, and eventually find your way to the Manor itself as you save the land using the power of words!   First thoughts.. I totally read “punny adventure” as puny.. … Continue reading